5 Common myths about weight loss

With so much information available about weight loss its hard to separate facts from fiction. We use scientific data to bust 5 common myths about loosing weight. More »

Example of 1200 cal /day diet

A break up of 1200 cal/day diet More »

Best vegetarian food for weight loss

Best of vegetarian food for fast and long lasting weight loss More »

What is our favorite food that causes weight gain

We love to eat these food but they are a high source of calorie. Here is a list of 5 common food that lead to weight gain. More »

Myths and Facts about various diet plans

Atkins diet, Modified Atkins diet and others. What works best for you and how to achieve the ideal weight More »


What is a keto diet and what are its benefits

Keto diet is derived from the word ketosis. This is a condition which decreases  insulin in the body. Keto diet helps in lowering insulin and correspondingly increasing growth hormone levels. What can

30 important weight loss food on Earth

If you ask yourself what is a good weight loss food, the answer is simple. It should be good to look at, delicious to eat and most of all low in fat

Weight loss Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the easiest available vitamin found  around us. Its most important role  is in tissue healing and boosting immunity. Only a  few people are aware that it is

Go Nuts. Medical benefits.

Nuts are healthy as well as calorific. They form an essential part of our food habits. Unfortunately many myths surround this super food which has no scientific basis. When taken in the

Myths about 3 day diet

Many famous and not so famous diet regimens are available in the market. Many myths about 3 day diet are prevalent on internet. 3 day diets have been around since the late

How green tea helps in weight loss

Green tea is known to be beneficial in weight loss most people ask me how green tea helps in weight loss and does it really work. Let us find out. Green tea

7 natural foods for detoxifying body

Feeling tired and weak? Struggling with easy fatigability, headaches, sleeplessness and lack of sleep? It might be time to check your eating habits and think of detoxifying your body. Detoxification means cleaning

Low Carb diet. What does it mean for you?

Often when we search for best foods for weight loss, we come across certain terms like “low carbohydrate diet,” low carb diet etc. Although we understand what it means do we really

Non Vegetarian GM diet

GM diet was designed by the General Motor company for its employees and reduced weight by 10-17 pounds per week. The diet includes intake of  specific food at specific days. The vegetarian

Sugar Addiction- Avoid it

Many of us are addicted to sugar without realizing it. Even if avoid sugar in tea, coffee, chocolates, soda we are still consuming it in the form of bread, donuts and even